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About Judy's Stagecoach Inn

Judy's Stagecoach Inn Restaurant & Sam's Saloon, owned by Judy Richardson, was built in 1993 and named for a bit of local history.  Following the Civil War, people traveled from Atlanta to Montgomery by stagecoach with a layover at the stagecoach stop on the property beside what is now Judy's Stagecoach Inn Restaurant.  The people would wash up, eat a bite and drink Peach Brandy, also made in the area.  Judy's Stagecoach Inn Restaurant & Sam's Saloon became a reality when it opened in May 1993.  The idea was to have something for everyone, family, friends, and children (young and old) and to be successful of course, so thank  you to all of the wonderful people around Lake Martin.  First of all the food is delicious: seafood, steaks, the best shrimp in the world, chicken, sandwiches, appetizers, assorted salads and more.  All served with homemade sauces and salad dressings.  We aim to please! Sam's Saloon is an adult atmosphere, where friends meet to eat and drink.  Couples meet for blind dates or to celebrate anniversaries and BEST OF ALL - everyone knows your name!!! Make new friends and have fun!

The staff at Judy's Stagecoach Restaurant is the best of the best.  They are a large part of our success.  After only one visit you will know them by their first name.

You have a special invite to join us.  We've served you for 19 years and are ready to serve you again.
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